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Subject Trump Trying to Help Rapper A$AP - REAL REASON HE'S BEING HELD IN SWEDEN - MUSLIMS!
Poster Handle Blue State Rebel
Post Content
As some of you may know, Kim Kardashian reached out to President Trump to help American rapper A$AP who has been imprisoned in Sweden for 3 WEEKS with no charges based on an alleged "street brawl".

I just saw the video - what happens is that A$AP and his bodyguards are followed and harassed by two young men on the street. I understand one of the American guys cell phone was stolen and they were trying to get money for it. I may have misunderstood that but it's obvious that the young men are following and harassing the rapper and his bodyguards even when the Americans try to end things repeatedly.

So WHY is A$AP being held and needing Trump's help? Because the 2 young men are obviously not Swedes. THEY'RE MUSLIMS. They're even met up by a woman in head garb.


And you won't hear a damn word about this from the media, but make sure that BLACK AMERICANS HEAR THIS AND WHAT TRUMP IS DOING TO HELP!!!!!

[link to www.dailymail.co.uk (secure)]

Watch the video (I don't kow if this can be embedded):

[link to videos.dailymail.co.uk (secure)]
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