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Message Subject The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant IF ....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Thank you for your thoughts AC. I would say that there are many worthy, upstanding people who make great contributions to this world who do no necessarily look up to Jesus alone for their inspiration and guidance. If we look on a global scale, 30% perhaps can be called "Christian". And I doubt whether this 30% are all following Christ's example - if they were, the world would be a different place.

Yes, you are right: with all our technology and so called "knowledge", we have become more depraved. Yet this is not due to the technology itself, but due to the low level of spirituality of those into whose hands it falls. Modern technology could (and will) be used for peaceful means and for enhancing the weather, for example, as soon as WE RESPECT ALL LIFE FULLY AND ETERNALLY.

Regarding Humanism. There are so many "isms" - communism, racism, feminism etc etc, to say nothing of so many different religions. These many groupings and directions have been deliberately promoted to organize and control and ultimately to divide so that we fight among ourselves. It is our choice now whether to recognize this and act independently of them, or whether we hang around waiting for the next hero/guru to save us.

I note that many threads on GLP deal with investigation into various topics in order to expose the truth, and sadly this is very much needed at this time. I also note that there are threads which purely serve as "entertainment", and though humor is essential, several of these fall into areas which do not uplift the world into something better. They do not serve as inspiration or their participants as role models. In the face of widespread corruption, abuse, disinformation and deliberate violence and ugliness, what proposals can we make? This is an invitation to complete the sentence with all seriousness, keeping the fate of all humanity in view. smile_hearFor example:

The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant


This means that everything around us - whether large or small, beautiful or ugly, violent or otherwise, HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH OURSELVES. Our behaviour is the seed, and what we see around us are the fruits. The tendency to turn away and say THAT HAS NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH ME is erroneous. Such an attitude in itself is a violent act in that we are disassociating ourselves from our fellow human beings and leaving them to their "fate", when actually our every thought and action - which are immeasurably powerful - are able to make a difference.
 Quoting: Colour Crusader

This idea of yours is humanism and comes from the pit of hell. Humans cannot save themselves from sin. Only Jesus saves. Humanism is the idea that man controls his destiny and by doing, x, y, or z, can create a peaceful and beautiful world. The last 100 years on earth should tell you otherwise. With all our knowledge and technology, man has only become more depraved--- not less.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72751727
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