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Message Subject The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant IF ....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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G’day Pilgrims,

Luv ya work Colour Crusader.

Re AC 72751727: ‘Not biblical at all. Th world continues to devolve into chaos. The world will be better when Jesus rules and reigns with a rod of iron during the Millennial reign of Christ. A 1000 year period of peace on earth after the second coming of Jesus Christ. Soon. Very soon!!!’

And: ‘This idea of yours is humanism and comes from the pit of hell. Humans cannot save themselves from sin. Only Jesus saves. Humanism is the idea that man controls his destiny and by doing, x, y, or z, can create a peaceful and beautiful world. The last 100 years on earth should tell you otherwise. With all our knowledge and technology, man has only become more depraved--- not less.’


Arguably our world has devolved into chaos because of demonic influences that have gradually dominated our world over thousands of years by fostering the growth of the money meme and the art of the ‘money changers’. Their ‘fruits’ are enslavement of humanity using the idea of the need for money to suppress the inherent desire of people to live and let live, cooperate and work together with others to make life better for everyone, and to raise children to be happy, creative and resourceful.

The ‘money changers’ now control our world and are known to be the creators of wars, famines and social strife etc. The problem for most of us is to understand how the control of money has enslaved our minds as well as our bodies. The short answer is usury. Rulers in the ancient world tended to have a debt Jubilee every 50 years or so even when usury was not practiced. And in fact many cultures including Christian societies until the late Middle Ages, didn’t allow usury.

Although money is convenient as a means for facilitating the exchange of goods and services it should only be used for that function and not used as a means for accumulating wealth and controlling and enslaving other people.

Our world will become peaceful and abundant when people begin to understand that and live it.

This will happen once people start to understand that each one of us is indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness and hence we are immortal spirits incarnating here to have one of many incarnations during which we will gradually learn about life, the universe and everything. The misery we experience today is because the banksters have told us we have no soul and no immortal spirit and hence no hope of a better life. They have foisted cultural Marxism and humanism on most Western governments and peoples along with wars, civil strife and poverty.

The Millennial Reign will be a time of increasing freedom of thought and action, NOT one in which we will be ruled with a rod of iron. In fact THAT is more or less what our world is like now. The money changers corrupted Jesus’ teaching by removing from the Bible his true teaching that we are ALL, like him, sons and daughters of the Creator. We are NOT helpless “sinners” dependent on belief in Jesus to be “saved”. We have to 'save’ ourselves by learning to love neighbour as self for the love of God. During the Millennial Reign we have the chance to do that.

I agree with 77861728.

Peace and Blessings,

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