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Message Subject The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant IF ....
Poster Handle Colour Crusader
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Thank you so much for your questions, AC. There is much to discuss here ...

Let us start with your question WHY COULDN'T IT BE PEACEFUL FROM THE START? The lives of the first evolutionary human beings were directed by fear - fear of wild animals, fear of not getting enough food, fear of natural disasters and fear of being killed by other marauders. It was "normal" to stick to tightly knits groups and defend and kill. The first sign of progress was actually slavery, i.e. prisoners were no longer killed but kept. Later some tribes developed "friendships" because they realized that there is more strength in numbers, but these actions were still fear-based. It is our personal task as an individual in this life as well as as an evolving race striving for high spiritual values to move out of the fear zone and into the experience of gaining wisdom, and the ability to recognize that there is something GREATER THAN OURSELVES - we can call this the ability to "worship" or "be in awe". This is a transition from focus on self to focus on the GREATER WHOLE, or which we are a part.

While there has been some progress on this evolutionary world towards LOVE, and while fear has been somewhat overcome, there was an event which took place here and on other planets in our universe called the Lucifer rebellion. In short, this was a rebellion, led by Lucifer, against this GREATER WHOLE and against divine administration and principles. Thus, since then (and you are right, this is not generally taught, and it took place a very very much longer time ago than what is recognized in present history ´books as the earth's age), Luciferian principles have reigned. You can imagine this as a huge propaganda machine telling you daily that THE DIVINE DOES NOT EXIST and ONLY MATERIALISM COUNTS and YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE TO NO-ONE and YOU ARE YOUR OWN KING.

Jesus was someone who came to our planet to try and lift it out of this devastating mindset. And yes, we are in the final period - just a few knots that need tying - and you will see it all wind down to a halt. For more history, you can consult the Urantia Book which is extremely detailed and a revelatory text.

Love your thread OP!


OP why is there so much conflict in this world? Why couldn't it have been peaceful from the start? I don't think that we've been told the true story about our past you know. I want the truth but nobody seems to know it or they peddle half truths at me. Do you know anything about our true past? And are we in the final cycle?
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