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Message Subject The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant IF ....
Poster Handle Colour Crusader
Post Content
The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant

Seagulls started to gather on the shore of a vast ocean. At first, this was no real surprise for the passers-by, but as the flock of birds grew larger and larger, this attracted some attention. After a while, they were joined by other wild animals who streamed towards the beach in their hundreds. All gathered there facing the waves in anticipation. The inhabitants were intensely curious also, eager to observe this phenomenon and find out what it meant. They camped out on the beach with the animals who seemed not to notice them much at all.

One morning a golden ship appeared on the horizon, and all the animals were suddenly intensely alert and focussed on the distant waves. As the ship approached, the prow was visible – a golden figure of a man with outstretched arms. The people grew very excited and started to make intense preparations for the dignitaries which they assumed were about to land. They ordered a long red carpet, put up luxurious tents and prepared large banquets. After a while, everything was ready, but the ship remained offshore.

For a while, the people waited with breathless anticipation and excitement, but after a few days they gradually started to lose their patience and discuss in small groups. Some mutinied against the others. Some ransacked the food saying it was not actually needed after all. Some returned to their own homes. Some took over the tents and gave orders. And all the time, the animals continued their lives on the beach, happily regarding the ship from time to time.

Seeing the discontent and ungracious behaviour and impatience of his fellows, one man stood up and declared that WAITING was the wrong attitude and that it might be time to try something different. His audience was startled and did not understand what he meant. LET US BE LIKE THE ANIMALS, said the man. LET US SIT IN SILENCE WITH OUR HEARTS OPEN AND OUR ARMS OUTSTRETCHED AND CONNECT WITH THOSE IN THE BOAT. As everyone was at a bit of a loss, they decided to adopt this unusual idea. The moment they stood in peaceful unison with their faces towards the ocean, willing to submit to whatever might happen next, a sheet of light emerged from the ship and imbued them with a wonderful feeling of lightness, exhilaration and gratitude. In wonder, they realised that this light had always been available and that the animals were LIVING IN THIS LIGHT ALL THE TIME.

When everyone had drunk their fill of this light source, the ship turned and slowly headed out to sea, and everyone dispersed.
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