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Message Subject The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant IF ....
Poster Handle Colour Crusader
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It is my joy to be able to pass on what I have learnt through research and experience, dear AC, however many or few are listening. But it is just as important to reflect oneself and determine for oneself instead of "following" or adhering to one particular creed, otherwise gurus/politicians/power grabbers will reign and the present lamentable state of affairs will continue.

It seems that you have looked into the ET presence. There are so many reports. One of the most interesting stories, from the fifties in South Africa where there was a lot of ET activity, is by Elizabeth Klarer called BEYOND THE LIGHT BARRIER. I also recommend the Phoenix Journals.

Yes, on the net there have been a lot of instructions to avoid invitations from ETs. But this is disinformation with the aim to instill fear. Real ETs (for want of a better word) would never harm, and would never interfere (for they respect free will) unless self-destruction is on the horizon, as is presently the case here. So in answer to your question, yes: that is "nonsense". If ETs wanted to do us damage, they would have done so a long time ago. They are on standby, waiting to help at the right time, or in case of emergency.

Regarding reptilians; my information is that this form of life is now extinct here because it was not able to evolve enough spiritually. The souls occupying such forms have now moved on. The "reptilians rule the world" theory is supported by David Icke. One must ask oneself: if this astonishing fact were true, and if David Ike was really letting a huge secret out of the bag, what would the powers that be allow him to go on lecture tours worldwide?

Are there people on earth who can remember their past lives? There are members of the celestial administration here in human form who no doubt have a much clearer view of what they have experienced in the past. Through past life regression it is also possible for someone to "recall" previous lives. A sudden "deja vu" of a person or place, or an unexplainable fear or talent, will likely also be a remnant of your past.

The photon belt: yes, you are right - twice every 26,000 years. And we are in it for 2000 years every time. We entered it in 1992 I think. Thank you for the reference to Globeki Tepe - I had not heard of this place before - very interesting.

Thank you again for your thoughts and contributionhf

Quoting AC from Britain:
That's such an awesome reply OP thank you.

It makes sense to me that ETs are already here as I've seen their ships many times. And it stands to reason too what with the age of the Earth and the older Universe, many civilisations could be way more advanced than us at present. So it's not so much of a stretch to me to learn about their presence. I did read a while back though that if the ships do appear and the ETs invite us on board that we should stay (as it's a trap) and perish with Mother Earth. Is that nonsense in your view? Also OP if the ETs are 'good' then why have they allowed the Reptilians to have total control over Earthly matters for so long?

I read a post from you a while back where you stated that it's possible to reincarnate with 'memories'. I found that fascinating and it doesn't take much thinking to see that it was most likely the ancient Egyptians who worked out how to do this. Are there some people on Earth who can remember all the way back to those times?

In regards to the Photon Belt, I've read that we enter it twice every 26000 years (is that correct?). This really interest me as there's an archaeological site I know about in Turkey called Globeki Tepe which was buried using tiny stones circa 12000 years ago. Perhaps the inhabitants at the time knew about the Photon Belt too and buried their complex to keep it safe and maybe return to it later on. Well unfortunately if that was their plan it didn't work out because the complex stayed hidden until a few years back. But there it is now uncovered and beautifully preserved for us to ponder and wonder about its mysteries.

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