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Message Subject The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant IF ....
Poster Handle Colour Crusader
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Thank youhf
I know I have posted this before - this is my particular favorite.

There was once a city of concrete with very few green areas, and the whole district was covered by a roof and sealed off from the exterior by thick walls. The inhabitants were small stunted humans who stooped and walked slowly, their eyes turning to the ground in great humility as if they recognised having committed a major crime and were doing everything in their power to make amends. And indeed, it was the general consensus that they HAD actually committed a crime of great proportions, for their leaders had built the roof over their heads to protect it from the air which had been polluted and poisoned by all sorts of human actions and waste products.

For this, all inhabitants were genuinely sorry. They realised that together they had destroyed “nature” and that it was now their responsibility to nurture it. Thus, everyone was greatly encouraged to look after a number of pot plants, sending them love every day. Those with knowledge about plants warned that these remaining species were also severely weakened and that they would not survive strong exposure to light and would suffer from over-watering and from repotting.

Sometimes the inhabitants would take their pot plants for a walk, and if they wished to venerate them they would take them to the GARDEN OF NATURE ADORATION where – it was felt – there was a higher vibration due to the accumulation of plants. At the very centre of the garden was the trunk of an enormous tree. The inhabitants were given to understand that the tree was now dead but that it had once been a flourishing example of “nature” in the old days when everything was still intact and when the air was still pure.

Every day, people would pour into the garden bearing their pot plants, remembering the once glorious tree, admitting their guilt and stating their intent to make amends. They prayed, they sang, determined to do their very best to rectify the wrong. They determined that they would live humbly, with few possessions and demands, for the collective good. They praised and thanked their leaders for building the roof at a very critical period in their history so long ago, which had preserved their existence and which had avoided the complete obliteration of their species.

The huge tree trunk was surrounded by a circular bench. Here, residents were allowed to sit in reverence and silent meditation, holding their pot plants on their knees. Among those who did this often, a certain sensibility developed. They noticed that a certain power was emanating from the trunk of the tree and that it transferred to their backs as a very slight tingling sensation. This was very disturbing, to say the least, as it had been understood and maintained for centuries that the tree was DEAD. It would have amounted to sacrilege to mention this to anyone else, yet this dedicated group of people who noticed this and who were able to trust each other with their reservations and feelings met daily at the tree. They nodded to each other and knew intuitively (as the tree had awakened their intuitive abilities) that they were all aware of the same phenomenon, of the secret power of the tree.

These people were – in turn – observed by watching officials, and one day a fence was put up around the tree trunk to prevent people from approaching it closely. The sign said that the fence was necessary “TO BETTER PRESERVE OUR ANCIENT HERITAGE AND IN RECOGNITION OF OUR GUILT AND NEED TO DO PENANCE”. Most visitors nodded their heads sadly in agreement. But the group of sensitives had different feelings. They were forced to go “underground” to discuss what was going on. They did this literally, meeting in an old disused cellar. And it was here that they discovered a piece of TREE ROOT emerging from the wall.

After careful examination and experimentation, they pronounced this to be the living root of a living tree. Secretly, they provided the root with water which the root drank up immediately, as if suffering from a hundred years of thirst. The group continued to feed the root and to encourage the tree to GROW. This in itself would have been considered heresy, as the general rule for pot plants was that quick growth would kill, and thus they always had to be contained inside the same pot. The idea that a pot plant needed “repotting” was condemned as harmful superstition.

And so the root grew. When the group visited the garden, they noticed hair cracks in the paving, and they looked at each other with knowing glances. The cracks widened daily, and soon there was another notice which said: “THE GARDEN IS TO BE PRESERVED AS A MONUMENT TO NATURAL BEAUTY AND CAN THEREFORE NO LONGER BE EXPOSED TO DETREMENTAL HUMAN CONTACT AND POLLUTION”. Most visitors nodded sadly when they saw this sign, and they stood at the locked gates and sent love to the garden.

But still the roots continued to grow. On the streets, cracks started to appear, and road maintenance suddenly became very busy “CORRECTING STRUCTURAL DAMAGE DUE TO DISREPAIR”. But this was so widespread that it came to the stage where it was impossible to hide or suppress any longer. People wandering through the streets were astonished to suddenly find plants and then bushes sprouting through the pavement. This was truly wondrous for those who stopped long enough to feel the beautiful uplifting energy which emanated from the plants. Others rushed away in fright, for this was an impossible phenomenon which did not fit into their worldview. Officials attempted to eliminate the bushes during the darkness of night, but with time, they were observed by the inhabitants, some of whom broke down to see such beauty being destroyed. They could not understand why officials were desecrating the nature which they had so long been protecting, or so they said.

Chaos ensued. The roots were now growing at a tremendous rate, especially as the group of sensitives were now openly encouraging the inhabitants to provide them with water, and the response grew by the hour. Buildings were now starting to collapse. Some rejoiced in this fantastic development which showed them that nature was truly ALIVE IN ALL ITS GLORY, AND OTHERS LAMENTED THE DESTRUCTION OF THEIR HOMES. THEY CURSED THE ROOTS AND HACKED THEM OFF WHEREVER THEY COULD. BUT THERE WAS NO POINT IN THIS AS THE GROWTH MOMENTUM WAS SO GREAT. ONE ROOT CUT OFF WAS REPLACED BY SEVEN. IN THE END, THE VERY ROOF OVER THEIR HEADS BEGAN TO CRACK, and when they noticed this, the crowds stormed the gates of their huge roofed compound, overthrowing the guards there who kept watch, and burst beyond the perimeters of their known world, expecting to be met by poisoned air and bare, blackened countryside.

But instead of this, the people discovered lush and abundant fields, and as they looked back at their former grey concrete home they saw the enormous tree at its centre. It was very much alive and it towered into the sky with an enormous green crown. It was then that the people realised that they had been SLAVES FOR CENTURIES LIVING A LIE, SUBDUED BY FALSELY ACCREDITED GUILT, ALLOWING THEIR RULERS TO LIVE IN PARADISE AND ABUNDANCE OUTSIDE THE WALLS OF THE PRISON THEY HAD ERRECTED.

Check out the fables that OP has posted in this thread, absolute gold!
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