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Message Subject The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant IF ....
Poster Handle Colour Crusader
Post Content
I have tried to answer this 3 times - seems something is up ...
4th try ... the second part is now the post blow ....

Thank you for this. I do see any sort of "exchange mechanism" as an interim stage. The ideal is giving up money altogether, and by that I do not mean "cashless". It would necessitate very high spiritual standards, i.e.. everyone would want to contribute a number of hours a day to the running of society, and no-one would ever take more than they need. In this way, it would function.

I have posted this text before also - but again, so relevant if we are looking at how things could work BETTER in the future: (a long text - I have permission to post)

If you do not need to pay for a stamp, your LOVE LETTERS may be long and arduous. You may write stacks of letters. You may write novels. You may compose oratorios for your loved ones far away AND SEND THEM THROUGH WHATEVER MEDIUM AT NO CHARGE. Also, DISTANCE will be reduced to a mere nothing since the high costs of travelling long distances WILL NOT EXIST. Thus there will be nothing preventing you from contacting or visiting distant relatives and friends UNLESS YOU CHOOSE TO MAINTAIN THAT DISTANCE.

This will be a good benchmark for the quality of your relationships and whether you REALLY WISH TO MAKE AN EFFORT AT KEEPING CONTACT. Distance is not actually the issue: THE DESIRE TO CONNECT IS THE ISSUE. Presently, high prices can be a good excuse for not calling or not visiting or not caring. Note that the eradication of the money system will, in effect, TERMINATE DISHONESTY and STRENGTHEN AND IMPROVE THE LINKS YOU VALUE.

The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]
 Quoting: Colour Crusader

Money, not as debt, not as equivalent value, but rather as GIFT...

Well, in order for an economy to be as gift economy, alive, we would have to remove the corpse aspect, deadness, from Corp-o-ration/nation
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