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Message Subject The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant IF ....
Poster Handle Colour Crusader
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The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant

A very large white ship was travelling slowly through steep gorges. Despite its size, it could hardly be seen to the majority. They did not dare to venture as far as the precipice, and if they did, they were very perturbed by the sight of the very narrow and dangerous path leading to the river banks. This was the sort of path that once you started to descend, it was clear that it was nearly impossible to climb up again due to its steepness and due to the fact that it consisted manly of loose stones. So those who heard the sounding of the ship’s horn, and felt irresistibly but inexplicably drawn to it, followed intuition and climbed down. The others continued with daily life, hearing the horn from time to time in the distance, but not paying it much attention.

Those who boarded the ship were welcomed with open arms. The owners had painted the words LOVE, HONESTY, RESPECT, GRATITUDE and DIVINE GUIDANCE on the sides of the ship along the water-line. Meditation sessions took place at night on the deck, after which everyone lay down with blankets and watched the stars which glittered and changed colour and sent down energy.

During the day, meetings were held. Some of the meditators on board were capable of leaving their physical bodies behind and travelling back to their home towns to observe what was going on, and how susceptible people were to the higher vibrations of love. They discovered that some were very unhappy, suspecting there was more to life than their daily drudge. The meditators returned to the ship with the advice to continue sounding the horn to alert all those wishing to take part in this mission.

The ship continued to sail. Some people on board became impatient. They talked to the captain and told him to sail faster, or to sound the horn louder, or to send more obvious signs out to the people in the towns, but it was decided that these measures would have no effect because the townspeople would not respond and would hide in fear. Thus the ship continued, but hid also. Its movement was paused frequently due to several lochs along the way.

At the end of a long slow journey, the ship arrived in a wide estuary and then the open sea. Here, there were no more steep paths to climb to reach the communities on the shore. Effortlessly, the meditators stepped off the ship and into crowds of people who has gathered there, wondering where the ship came from, and the meditators immediately set up teaching groups in order to impart their knowledge and inspire their new-found students with ways to change their lives for the benefit of all.
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