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Message Subject The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant IF ....
Poster Handle Colour Crusader
Post Content
The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant

A huge round map of the world lay on a hilltop, but this was not made out of paper. It was true three-dimensional representation and showed the exact location of all momentary severe problems. These included weak porous crust, danger zones due to shifting tectonic plates, volcanoes on the brink of explosion, areas with a high concentration of crime, manipulative power centres, war zones, refugee camps and regions where FEAR prevails. The centre of the map was the North Pole, and all countries spread out from this point, so that the South Pole was not actually a point but the circumference of the circle.

A great crowd had gathered around the map of the world, drawn to it by a very strong desire to support earth in her transformation and bring light to her troubled areas. It was night, the atmosphere was very solumn and ceremonious, and the map of the world lay in darkness. The moving tectonic plates were visible in that the boundaries and fissures glowed red. Dark miniature clouds hug above other troubled regions.

All the observers were carrying a small tea light. They closed their eyes and concentrated, sensing intuitively where their particular light was most needed. Those who stood at the perimeter of the earth map lead the way, summoning up their courage and stepping onto the map towards their chosen location. Then they stepped off the map again and moved towards the very back of the crowd, allowing others to step forward. In the end, the whole world was a sea of small flickering lights which in turn were still connected to the meditators who had placed them there, by a thread of gold leading from the candle to the third eye in their forehead. Thus, the intent to assist certain areas had been ascertained, and the scene was set in anticipation of the HAND OF DIVINTY ASSISTING THAT PROCESS, IT BEING IN ALIGNMENT WITH DIVINE WILL FOR THE PLANET.

Suddenly a very strong and concentrated beam of light descended from above with a roar, piercing the map at the centre, exactly on the North Pole. The noise grew louder and louder as this beam expanded like an ever-increasing spotlight. This eventually grew so large that the entire world map was bathed in its light. Not stopping there, it continued to expand until the huge surrounding crowd also received the benefit of its glow.

The beam of light stopped as suddenly as it had begun, but its influence and huge influx of energy had been felt by all. The small tea candles now had enormous flames, illuminating the earth’s surface completely and dispersing all dark clouds. Now, there was complete silence, and the onlookers fell onto their knees with gratitude and fell into deep meditation.

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