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Message Subject The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant IF ....
Poster Handle Colour Crusader
Post Content
The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant

A man in full battle-field dress, including armour and a protective helmet, was wielding his battle-axe at a stone wall which was BLOCKING HIS PATH. He had an array of weapons at his disposal, and he picked them up one by one to test which one would be most effective in destroying the wall. He did this with great courage and determination, feeling proud of his strength, which was obvious for all to see.

A woman in white stood behind him. Inwardly, she was appalled at the violence of his behaviour and language. She waited until the soldier had truly exhausted himself and sat down for a rest. Then she approached him and said DEAR SIR, MAY I SHOW YOU ANOTHER WAY? The man was so astonished that he allowed her to lead him by the hand. After walking a very short distance, they came to some steps which led to the top of the wall. The man could not understand why he had not seen them before. He followed the woman up the steps, on which the words LOVE, COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING were engraved in large letters.

Once on the top of the wall, the man and woman jumped down onto the other side. Here, the man discovered that there were more soldiers, just like himself, trying to hammer down the walls in front of them. He took off all his armour and left it in a pile on the ground. Then he waited till one of the soldiers was completely exhausted before he approached him saying DEAR SIR, MAY I SHOW YOU ANOTHER WAY? And then he showed this soldier the alternative route.

And so, each person who was shown the alternative route laid down his arms and initiated others, showing them the alternative route, and this chain reaction continued UNTIL THE WHOLE WORLD WAS DISARMED AND LIVING IN PEACE.
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