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Message Subject The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant IF ....
Poster Handle Colour Crusader
Post Content
The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant

A man was running through dark streets with a torch in his hand. He was very frightened as he knew that the light could be very clearly seen at night, but he was not stopped as very few people were about, and even those who passed him were drunk or preoccupied with something else. He ran on, leaving the town and going towards the hills where he entered a cave and an extensive cavern system.

At the heart of this system was a large room where a group of people were anxiously waiting for him. WELCOME TO THE BRINGER OF THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH, they said as he entered. And they held forward their own torches and lit them from the sacred fire which had been brought to them. These people then separated, spreading the spirit of truth just as their predecessor did before them.

The man continued his own journey, still carrying his torch, until he reached the coastline and a large lighthouse. He knew that this was his destiny and his destination and he knew also that he was being closely followed. He climbed the spiral stairway right to the very top and lit the light. This light could be seen from great distances and immediately caught the attention of dark forces who were determined to stamp out the spirit of truth. They mustered all their airplanes and machine guns and focussed them on this one solitary lighthouse, which was subsequently completely destroyed.

While the lighthouse had diverted attention, the original group of people in the cave had been able to spread far and wide, lighting new torches carried by new bearers at every turn, so that now the whole earth was a sea of light. It was impossible for the dark forces to deal with so much opposition at once, and they were forced to retreat, recuperate and rethink.
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