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Message Subject The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant IF ....
Poster Handle Colour Crusader
Post Content
The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant

Dark clouds filled the sky in all parts of the earth. Earth’s inhabitants went about their usual business in a fairly resigned sort of way. Suddenly golden threads descended from the sky, and everyone who noticed them and touched them were filled with awe, as they came to the RECOGNITION that there were many exciting things of which they were unaware.

Then thousands upon thousands of purple flowers fell through the clouds onto the ground, falling at the feet of a number of astonished onlookers. The people who noticed the flowers came to the RECOGNITION that whoever was throwing the flowers had the same connection with nature as themselves, and that “nature” could hardly be a phenomenon restricted to this planet alone, but common to a great number of evolving planets. These people felt uplifted and reassured because they now knew they were not alone in the universe.

Then thousands upon thousands of sea-shells descended from the sky. This really confused the inhabitants in the partial knowing, because although they now knew that those above had an affinity with nature, they usually regarded the sea as a mass of water below, not above. Those who thought about this carefully came to the RECOGNITION THAT EVERYTHING MAY BE THE OTHER WAY AROUND. While this was a disconcerting thought initially, it also seemed quite exciting that everything may be quite different from that which is generally thought.

Then a hailstorm of small golden balls occurred, but miraculously they did not hit the populace but landed on the ground. As they were extremely hard, made out of a transparent material never seen before, they were picked up and marvelled at. The children were delighted because the balls also bounced, and they began to play with them. Others, very busy with their own routines, did not notice the playing children at all. Those who contemplated this wonder came to the RECOGNITION that those above were technologically much more advanced, and also more spiritually advanced. They showed love instead of hate: they had sent golden balls to play with instead of bullets to kill with.
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