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Message Subject The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant IF ....
Poster Handle Colour Crusader
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Thank you for your comment, dear AC 76487097 - that is going in the right direction, yet this would be an temporary stage.

If we follow through, I would take this much further. Somewhere on this thread I have already mentioned the necessity to release the money system. My first point would not be ENOUGH MONEY FOR ALL and NO BILLIONAIRES but NO MONEY SYSTEM.

This would work if everyone had a massive rise in consciousness so that they would never even consider taking more than they need, and so that they would never contemplate being idle. Thus they would all, of their own accord, want to contribute a number of hours a day to the smooth running of society.

Regarding owning of land: yes, it would be ideal if every family had a house and enough land surrounding it, providing privacy and the opportunity to grow food. Whether we should call this "owning land" is the question. It would be more appropriate - under a NO MONEY SYSTEM - to call this BEING GUARDIANS OF THE LAND. And indeed, this is what earth sorely needs, GUARDIANSHIP.

...we make it illegal to own more than five acres of land, or more than five million dollars...
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