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Message Subject The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant IF ....
Poster Handle Colour Crusader
Post Content
The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant

Once there was a large orchard. All the apple trees were at varying stages of growth, and of various age, but they were all subject to the same weather and the changing seasons. This meant that the period of growth and the period of harvesting was the same for all trees.

The cycle had to be completed before the colder weather appeared, otherwise it would be impossible to gather the fruits due to thick layers of snow. Harvesting decaying, frozen fruits would also be pointless.

Around harvest time, many farmers gathered to collect the harvest. First they saw a diseased tree which looked completely black. Although the fruit it bore looked surprisingly large and luscious, the farmers did not trust this, and they partitioned the black tree off, enclosing it in a fence, so that it should not contaminate the others.

Then they attended to the other trees. First, they collected the “windfalls”. These fruits had not had the strength to hold their own against the high winds. Then they picked the ripe apples which were at the exact point of maturity for harvesting. They left the small, unripe apples still on the tree, hoping that they would develop quickly before the onset of winter.

Just before the onslaught of colder weather, the farmers knocked down all the remaining apples whether they were ripe or not. All apples were sorted according to size and quality. Some were sold at market, some were made into juice, others were fed to animals.

The luscious large fruits on the black tree were destroyed, as was the tree itself, especially the roots, as they were discovered to be poisonous. Thus was the harvest complete.
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