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Message Subject The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant IF ....
Poster Handle Colour Crusader
Post Content
Thank you for your appreciation dear AC. I am just writing a book, and these stories are part of it. Gratitude must however go to divine inspiration, not from me but THROUGH me.

The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant

The fool was despondent. He hung his head and said “I feel tired, alone, impatient, instable, unloved and directionless. What do I need to know to continue on my life’s journey?” Then he closed his eyes and heard the answer to his question:

“If you are in a complex process, you need to know that IMPATIENCE IS MISPLACED. If everything happened smoothly and quickly, IT WOULD NOT BE A PROCESS, and no learning would be gleaned from that.

You need to know that impediments to the heart’s desire will be erradicated by the force of this desire. You chose the pace. Either you chew off small pieces at regular intervals and digest them at leisure, or you bite off huge chunks when you are ravenous, but which have the effect of choking you. You need to practise CONTINUOUS ASSESSMENT of situations, instead of deciding THIS IS SO, and then leaving it for months in this state of stagnation. Unsolved issues are unsolved because they have not been addressed in good time.

You need to know that hopping on one leg makes for instability. Decide on basic principles and direct your life according to those. Always steer your boat towards the rising sun, not towards the dying light. Fly your plane above the clouds, not through the thick of the storm. Rejoice in the infinite number of new worlds and experiences opening up towards you.

Set up a “calm room” in reality or in your mind where you can rest at regular intervals. Take a walk to feel stillness in your soul, to see things pass by while YOU remain the same.

Reach out to those who enter your circle, but do not allow them to become your pivot. Listen for changes and speak your truth. Carry tools with you constantly, like a bunch of keys, ever prepared to unlock a stubborn heart (including your own): use the key of compassion, the key of gentle enquiry, the key of honesty, the key of redressing balance, the key of retirement to let growth occur in another.

You need to know that love is never lost, and that its source is eternal. You need to know that unquenchable thirst will lead you to the deepest never-ending source. You need to know that pallid desire leads to a small puddle.
You need to know that the distractions of this material world – centred on food, appearance, status and entertainment – are merely distractions. Know that beauty is everywhere, in every cell created, including every cell of yourself. Know that love, laughter and enthusiasm are infectious.

You need to know that your view is necessarily limited, but rejoice that I your Creator have an ALL-SEEING EYE. Trust in my decisions which are based on a bird’s eye view. Know that all aspects are always taken into account BECAUSE I SEE ALL. Be comforted that this is so, and that I love my children, taking every opportunity as a father does to support your learning process towards joyful independence.

You need to know that many will face new experiences, will have to move to a new place, a new home, with new people. I say that these places, homes and people HAVE BEEN THERE ALL THE TIME, the only difference being your movement towards them and your awakening to their existence. So I say: I AM THE VOICE OF THE DIVINE WITHIN YOU. AWAKEN TO MY EXISTENCE, FOR I HAVE BEEN HERE ALL THE TIME.”
 Quoting: Colour Crusader

Love this amazing story :)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77856527
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