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Message Subject The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant IF ....
Poster Handle Colour Crusader
Post Content
The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant

A young girl wandered around a huge city looking for somewhere to live. She was new to city life, and she stared at everything with large innocent eyes. Often, she felt afraid because there were so many things which were unfamiliar, yet she was determined to continue so that she could orientate herself. If she could actually understand what was going on, she would be able to make more informed choices.

Suddenly she saw a large, old-fashioned looking house. It was very tall, with many storeys. As the girl looked upwards, she saw that the house was full of drunk people who looked like wolves. They laughed, full of bravado, hanging out of the windows. As she got nearer, still undetected, she managed to snatch a glance through the curtains. Inside was a throne room and banquet hall where obscene scenes and rituals were taking place behind closed doors.

The girl was overcome with horror, and was just about to scream, but she realized in a split second that this would betray her presence. Instead, she ran away and turned to look at the house from a distance. It was then that she saw a bauble of very strong light situated right on top of the roof, as if a source of light was observing and monitoring all this from an upper standpoint. The light flashed on and off like the warning light of an ambulance. It was on highest alert and waiting for the right moment to strike.

And strike it did. A concentrated beam of light, like lightening from heaven, pierced the house to the very core of depravity and corruption. The beam of light tried to spin. At first, this was difficult due to the “dark” atmosphere in the house, but it soon got up speed and turned into a gyrating tornado which threw everything in its way out of its path. Soon, the tall house was consumed by fire.

The girl watched with amazement as this unstoppable cleansing process took place, but although the fire cast shadows and sparks across the city, most people continued going about their daily business. Sometimes a spark from the fire would land in a nearby street, for example, and a fire brigade would be called to put it out. Thus, the temporary emergency was dealt with, without any knowledge of the towering inferno next door. Most people simply did not lift their heads, and they shut out any unusual sounds.

Some eventually realized that something was wrong, and began to write down notes about their observations. Some were convinced that the fire was divine, and they threw themselves into it. Others locked themselves into their houses. Others threw themselves onto the ground and asked forgiveness. Others crowded into churches and felt helpless. These people sensed that these were the end times, and everyone dealt with that in different ways.

A few people were determined to get a bigger picture of what was really going on, and they climbed to the top of towers and tall buildings to survey the city which was laid out like a map below. From this position, they could see the progress of the tornado. They saw that some buildings were torched, and they saw that other areas remained untouched. They concluded that this was not the way in which a tornado would usually travel, and it was not the way in which fire would usually spread. As they looked out over the city mapped before them, they suddenly saw a pair of very large hands, holding the map. And in this instant, they realized that the city was IN DIVINE HANDS and that all processes were being conducted in compassion and FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL.
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