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Message Subject The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant IF ....
Poster Handle Colour Crusader
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The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant

Once upon a time there was a lonely monkey who was rejected by most of his fellows. The monkey felt depressed by all the dreadful things going on in the jungle – the fights, the violence, the survival of the fittest – and if he said anything at all, it was violent accusations and critique which the others were tired of hearing. Actually, he felt great compassion for all living things, but he did not dare to show it for being even more ridiculed.

Often, he retreated to a distant muddy pool which everyone else considered too remote and dirty to visit. But the monkey liked being there because it was so natural and quiet. One afternoon, when the monkey was feeling particularly depressed, he hid himself at the pool and stared into the middle distance. Something in the corner of his eyes caught his attention. It was a quick fluttering movement, right in the middle of the pool. The monkey realized that this was a LIVING CREATURE struggling in the mud. Although he usually stifled his compassion and ran away, this time was different. He waded through the mud until he was neck deep and freed the bird from the mud.

When the monkey came out of the pool he was covered in mud from head to toe. Because there was no fresh water to clean it off, he realized that he would just have to sit down and wait until it dried. He felt like a mummified corpse. The more the mud dried, the whiter it became. The mud the casing around the meditating monkey became completely hard.

During this time, the monkey realized that he had actually isolated himself by building up a hard casing around himself, refusing – up to this point – to follow the road which his compassion was pointing out to him. He felt that his heart was beating more strongly, and it started to grow with such intensity that the white mud casing around the monkey burst with an enormous CRACK.

To his amazement, the monkey found that he had become transparent, and that his heart was golden in colour. When he closed his eyes in meditation, he was given to understand that he should no longer hide from others. His inner voice urged him to act with complete honesty and authenticity, paring his communications down to essentials. He was to be directed by the heart. The golden colour of the heart had nothing to do with wealth. It meant that he was to connect with others in a way which was “golden”.

Thus the monkey returned to his community. The others monkeys were astonished to see the change in him, not only on the outside, but on the inside. Those who were open to his message of compassion were taken to the muddy pool for an initiation ceremony. They covered themselves with mud and sat in mediation till it had dried hard, just as the original monkey had done, and each received their own unique insights which contributed to the well-being of all.
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