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Message Subject The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant IF ....
Poster Handle Colour Crusader
Post Content
The world will be peaceful, beautiful and abundant

A white horse was walking around slowly and clumsily in a black field, up to his ankles in mud. He felt weighed down and lethargic. He looked down continuously at the sticky, dark mud, wondering how he might be rid of it.

Raising his head, the horse saw a red field next to the black field, where there seemed to be whole group of horses and a lot more action, and so he dragged himself in that direction. When he arrived, the horse found himself on a battlefield, surrounded by conflict and blood. While traversing this field, he encountered many difficulties trying to prevent wounds and getting involved.

On the other side of the battlefield was a very small white path with thorns on either side, in fact the entrance was almost invisible, but by this time the once lethargic horse was very much awake and it immediately caught his attention. It did not promise much, but it seemed to the horse that this was the only route of escape. Once on this path – which was extremely narrow - the horse initially had difficulty staying his course, and was scratched by thorns and threatened by wild animals on every side. But in spite of this, he knew he was safe on the white path and that the wild animals could not hurt him unless he wandered off it.

With increasing confidence that this was the right way to go, the white horse relaxed and broke into a trot. The more relaxed he became, the more the path widened, and now the wild animals were so far away that the horse did not give them a second thought. The path ended on a white shoreline, with the sea behind it. The horse entered the sea joyfully to be completely cleansed and to rejoin a multitude of other horses who had also found their way there.
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