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Message Subject The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant IF ....
Poster Handle Colour Crusader
Post Content
The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant

So many of us have “dreams” of what we might wish to achieve in a “perfect world”, and often we are deterred because the world simply is not perfect. Yet we fail to realise that our chosen path – in combination with the chosen paths of all other inhabitants on this earth – determines the level of perfection on this planet. Our every thought and action contributes to – or detracts from - the overall picture.

If we become increasingly aware of this – our POWER to MAKE A DIFFERENCE – we will simultaneously become more aware of EVERYTHING WHICH ATTEMPTS TO PUT AN OBSTACLE IN OUR PATH, whether this is DELIBERATE AND PRE-MEDITATED AGGRESSION (and yes, this is a main culprit), or whether it is simply someone with lots of time on their hands wanting to sit down with us and pass the time of day, when actually we are doing something important. Thus, there are deliberate interruptions, and causal interruptions, in addition to the times when we INTERRUPT OURSELVES during important missions because of personal failings, weaknesses, or laziness.

Self-discipline is often a battle with ourselves. If we are always aware of the IMPORTANCE of our mission, however – if we write it on our mirror so that we see it every morning, and if we state it daily, requesting celestial assistance – we will inevitably travel towards it, obstacles or not.
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