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Is Kyoto Animation arson attack a parody?

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07/24/2019 11:43 AM
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Is Kyoto Animation arson attack a parody?
Is Kyoto Animation arson attack a parody?

[link to timeline.sakura.ne.jp]

The Japanese Empire should be an organization............

It fabricates the history.

But the empire has really the power to fabricate the event.

The fabrication has probably started since the start of the human history.

The arson attack took place on the 100th anniversary of the "Kuancheng Incident".

In both events, 34 are killed.

The empire secretly plans to overwhelm the space exploration business.

"Cheating at rock-paper-scissors" is a very popular phrase in Japan.

The empire always makes other nations develop a risky business. Once the new technology is established, the empire gradually overwhelms the new business.

The railway technology (from the steam locomotive engine to the Shinkansen bullet train).

The automobile manufacturing.

The aviation technology.

The empire really wants to interrupt the 50th anniversary celebration events of the Apollo moon landing.

( hypotheses are included )