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China probe finds FedEx illegally held back over 100 Huawei packages


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07/26/2019 07:27 AM

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China probe finds FedEx illegally held back over 100 Huawei packages
An investigation by Chinese authorities found US courier delivery services company FedEx illegally withheld Huawei packages and has also violated other laws. That was reported by the state news agency Xinhua.

It said: “The investigation showed that FedEx was suspected of holding up more than 100 Huawei packages entering China. Investigators also discovered clues to other violations of the company.”

The probe into FedEx was launched last month after Chinese telecom Huawei complained the US courier had diverted parcels intended for it. The incident, which was not the first of its kind to affect Huawei, was explained by FedEx as an “operational mistake.”

[link to www.rt.com (secure)]

Probably they were taken away to be examined for spy stuff.
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