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Message Subject he isnt hiding anymore
Poster Handle I1lluminate
Post Content
Then help me, bitch.

And stop insinuating.
 Quoting: I1lluminate

You don't need help, you need to stop being lost and absorbed into the ebb and flow of the thoughts and feelings flashing around the meatbag that is a human brain. Those are just things happening upon the screen of your consciousness. You elect to give them energy and power, thereby reinforcing and attracting similar thoughts and feelings and the things that bring these things about.

All things are free-flowing, untrammeled.
What bondage is there, what entanglement?
You create your own difficulty and ease therein.
The mind source pervades the ten directions with
one continuity.

— Tzu-hu (800-880)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39063030

Yeah, your right.

I don't need help, but some help would help me out.
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