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Message Subject he isnt hiding anymore
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

So where’s he at? Lol
 Quoting: “Arabella”

Lets make it easy on all of us and decide that he lives in the Midwest and is originally from a big city to the S.E. Coast, which is where he met the WOS.
He is being watched by forces unknown. You can't just put all of the blame on the C.I.A., when the U.S. government has thousands of agencies to do it's bidding, and tell me who is the only one who knows exactly how many agencies there are - both in the open and those agencies kept in secret? God knows, but those responsible know too, and for all of his suffering and the fallout caused by his suffering, they will firmly be dealt the righteous wrath of God. That is their ends meet and they don't realize it. Most of them fail to realize it because they are blind. Only a few will depart from their ways. They think they are the ones in control. They think they can control 'Nobody', so they've been keeping tabs on him for years. 2010 was a prophecy, not a current event.. God decided from the very beginning who he was. No, he is not higher or equal to Jesus. That would be outright blasphemy. He is a mere man and all things you see from him are done by the Most High GOD, who all of you really should be focusing on and giving your praise and thanks to. It could be you in his shoes. Leave him alone.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77364965

Mere man? The heavenly father then Jesus Christ and the Anomaly are one
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