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Message Subject he isnt hiding anymore
Poster Handle the path
Post Content

 Quoting: the path

with tears he taken care Sofia
the physical Sofia in this permutation realm
now She is gone (in physical matter sense)

then the burden bit taken off
as one by one the heart attachment is peel off
in both good and take a lot of tears from his feminine side

now whenever they trying to do negative energy or directed spiritual attack to him, now they only deal with him.
as the burden for him to always think and feel sad,as he know that surrounded people near him will be affected is gone ,now it is only him.

And he will stand

the rememberence will be there
for him as mark to remember

Universe wont do mistake

all is inline


G 176 = kind of Big Poke

47 74

Vi Vi
Pi Pi

Cygnus Park

Universe keep poke him
to remember,

Remember Sofia ...
Tune of ...

 Quoting: the path

Rest In Peace

Much Love to you path. The Light is with you ... always.

 Quoting: EON 78014264

thank you ...

trough dark
give empathy, tears,
showed a decent and good act (simple thing)
now time to ripple to light it up even with smallest candle..

 Quoting: the path

end of the Path lead to
new Path of possibility

after all it is like future is dream of past
this is the past, and the past dream another

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