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Message Subject he isnt hiding anymore
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Like playing a chess

him is like a blind and back from zero without a clue
the Negative knower is keeping the distance and
never dare to shown up face to face or doing anything
physically to him other than non physical thing

the Negative knower then mentally or doing whatever they can
to made his closes circle (firend, work, et) in constant
trouble, affecting his mood, his willingness
added up daily doses of confusion, looses,
yet he keep helping out and try too sorted it out

 Quoting: the path

How do you know are proclaim to.
If you want to help! Help those that are lost and point them to Jesus.

No more ding ding are poke poke.
You think I don't know?

So truly help are go hide in the dens
And hide your face.

Tell his message nothing more nothing less.
 Quoting: Inkhorn 78030203

Pointing those to the Anomaly is the equal as pointing them To the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ....or didn't you know this...or are you a dis-info agent sent from the bowels of hell??...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3939588

Your wrong!
Jesus Christ has no equal.

To tell of Jesus is his message.
Have a Great Day.
 Quoting: Inkhorn 65272127

Jesus has 2 equals...The Father and The Holy Spirit!...now you may go to hell or repent.
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