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Message Subject he isnt hiding anymore
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I believe he probably keeps his truth very close to the vest for a reason.

I know I would.
 Quoting: ~Newton's Own~

Many of you are missing the point.

If there is truly is a "Him" then what is his mission?

Obviously to empower people through spreading Truth. Truth is the Light of consciousness. It is literally, physical light, but on a higher octave.

When light appears in physical reality, darkness disappears.

When Truth appears in the consciousness, ignorance disappears.

Consciousness IS Light.

Why is it that "He" would never claim to be "The One"?
Because his mission is to spread the Truth.

What is the Truth?
That we are all One.

The problem in this world is the forces of masculine and feminine have been unbalanced for the sake of control. The masculine force IS the embodiment of direct attention, subjugation, control over others, lust for power... it is the EGO.

When left tempered by it's counterpart, the Sacred Feminine which is nurturing, caring, compassionate, abstract, giving and relies on intuition rather then logic... it is the COLLECTIVE MIND...

the unbalanced masculine COLLECTIVE EGO threatens the very existence of all life.

So the problem is COLLECTIVE EGO threatening our world relying on deception and lies to subjugate.

The reason He would never claim to be "The One" is becasue this very claim is the embodiment of EGO AND SEPARATION as by the very energy of the thought of whoever thinks it.

He has come to bring Truth to restore the balance.

His power is in the TRUTH that he is ONE with all of you.
In this power of the collective consciousness, He is able to influence reality through the collective perceptions of mankind. He knows he is no greater then any of you and all f you have the potential to do the things he does.

Is a person any greater then the projections they imagine in their dreams? Of course not. To the wise person, these images are but reflections of them self.

If He were to believe He is a "chosen one" he would no longer be in tune with that collective consciousness and He would disconnect from the rest of thr dream and his power would be once again locked into his tiny ego.

By KNOWING this Truth of Oneness is where His power comes from. By giving His power to the collective and NOT seeking to bolster his ego, He is balancing the force of the Divine Feminine "subtle" and the Divine Masculine of "Powerful".

The result is a all powerful force that is hidden and undetectable and influences through strange and imperceptible ways. "Be like water my friends".

His mission is to spread the Truth throughout the matrix of control and thereby empowering all the aspects of Himself to awaken, for he knows that in your world, YOU are Him and He is but an aspect of yourself.

From a higher perspective, we are all "Him/Her" experiencing our ONE self from different subjective viewpoints separated only by the illusion of time and space.

Thus his mission is not to come and proclaim He is your savior and lift you all up and carry you away and save you. His mission, as He has perceived ordained from God, is to SPREAD THE TRUTH so that you too may become empowered and share in the Truth that you are also ONE with all that is within and without you, and thereby SAVE YOURSELF FROM IGNORANCE. In truth this is the only way you can be saved, for by Free Will, if you choose not to accept Truth then nobody can save you. Even God honors Free Will.

The point is that nobody can save you, and you are that "nobody". Jesus Christ did not teach you how to live so you would ignore the teachings and pretend to be saved by simply confessing that Jesus Christ is the son of God.

Jesus Christ taught you THE TRUTH so that, through living the TRUTH you may be saved in your awareness of the TRUTH.

If "He" exists and if "He" is somehow chosen by God is completely irrelevant to you. He is living his destiny and He is spreading the Truth to you so that you may fulfill yours.

Like Fingers on God's Hands, we are all unique yet we all have specific roles to fulfill to work collectively in unison. In this way we are all chosen by God to do specific work but it is our mission to work TOGETHER. We need only discern what our task to complete is then find those who can help us.

His task is to bring the Truth to you, which he has spent his entire life uncovering WITHOUT taking binding oaths and selling his soul to get them.

But it is all fruitless if not even ONE individual is able to HEAR that Truth and actually discern it for them self and actuate their potential from what they find.

You are all ONE right NOW. This is his message and you don't even need Him to find it. But you will need to do the work on your own. Take responsibility for everything in your reality. Stop lying to yourself and others. Commit yourself to becoming honest, hard working, loving and compassionate.

Most of all REALIZE that you are not the EGO and that you are so much more. You are EVERYTHING. Live in this Truth and use the Inner Light of Reason and Intuition combined to guide you. God's Truth is written in your heart, you only need listen.

When you stop trying to be "The One" to make your little ego feel special and you start realizing YOU ARE ONE then you will begin to live in a much bigger sense of self and you will start taking back control of your reality. You will be led by this Spirit and you will find others who will help you along the way. For they are but aspects of yourself and they ALWAYS appear at the appropriate time.

It is this TRUTH that must be spread throughout the system before the veil of the illusion of separateness can come down.

It will take the strength of every last one of us working together as a single force to cross the endless river of time and space and conquer this illusion of separateness once and for all.

This is why He will not claim to be "The One", because there is no such thing. That is an illusion of grandeur and a trap for the ego to keep you powerless, deaf, dumb and blind.

He will however proclaim that He is ONE and that you are all also ONE with Him and with all and through this Truth He awakens within you and you awaken within Him. You, as a SINGLE AND INSEPARABLE ONE will become empowered with this Truth to defeat your own darkest demons both in the world and in your soul. Together as ONE you can overcome any obstacle in this plane of existence for that which is within you is greater then that which is in the world.

Together as ONE, a New Heaven and a New Earth will be forged and we will dwell together in Peace and Love in the Kingdom of God. So mote it be, forever and ever and ever...

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father."
 Quoting: SINGLE POINT 76575259

answer this simple question
what if Him not comes from same religion belief?
or not inline with almost all religious teaching?

what your reaction ?
what is your answer ...

will you believe ?
in the world where 99% people so easy to lie
and 99% fake news is taking place in daily life

doing good thing become so complex
and people/nation can be at war because expressing different way to do a good thing ...

 Quoting: the path

Truth, ever present, stands immutable in the face of misrepresentation.
Each grow, meeting truth in their own way; learning to discern in the process.
If nature & truth are all-encompassing, so too, all would inherit keys to perceiving natural order.
 Quoting: RelativeAbsolute

Beautiful response and a "clap clap".

Truth is not bound by religious dogma and stands timeless and unchanging despite who perceives it and who does not.

The only constant in life is change?
No! The only constant in life is TRUTH as TRUTH never changes. This is why it is the true reality and no matter how many veils of deception are piled upon our eyes, the Truth will be ever present waiting for the ONE who seeks it.

You know this better then anyone here Path.
The Truth that He embodies is UNIversal as it IS the basis for all religious truth that has not been twisted and distorted by the propaganda and evil intentions of selfish men.

If your religion is not in line with the Truth, then you are following the wrong god.
My friends, when the Truth
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