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Message Subject he isnt hiding anymore
Poster Handle the path
Post Content

That is the agenda. He has to live a life in this place to decide whether to improve it or destroy it. How else is he going to know what the score is? Gotta go through it to know it, right?

I would say he is pretty burnt out at this point, most likely. Look at his face on the card "Interesting Times". He wonders why he went to such great lengths for weirdness. Then again, his perspective is quite different in a human body, than outside of one. If his memory was erased, he wouldn't know exactly why he came here in the first place, right?

Something tells me he knows who he is. He has suspicions. Too many coincidences and bizarre moments. Too much pointing him in a particular direction.
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Ha ha The Clapper like to clap clap ...
Ding Ding Good Observation ...

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