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Message Subject he isnt hiding anymore
Poster Handle Cactus Daniel
Post Content
Listen to everyone except the guys whose been to the logos, and view the unum tree from the outside.

Who understands the order of formation of the omega, and the structure, substructure of the unum tree; and cross section view from the unipole..

Plus what scion actually is.

Fuck that guy, let's tell lies and mock him.

Let them have their say, even if it only highlights their own ignobility.

He is hiding, and really doesn't have anything to say other than fuck you all.

None of you are the one.

The one is composed of nine units, you ping hel and disregard the rest of the oxch.

You didn't make it to the logos.

You failed the teacher, and the teachings.

Read your book, it unfolds

Your lines will be removed.

[link to www.sharedwisdom.com]

Too stupid they were

You all really got nothing coming from me.

Gain the understanding you don't possess.

As far as I'm concerned, you people do not have the capacity; or the the linguistic internal visual frame of reference in place.

My notes say fall short of the glory no more.

Apparently, the greater majority of humanity will continue to.

I think you people are dumb.

I don't like any of you either really.

Newtons own and path are cool though.

Good luck
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