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Message Subject he isnt hiding anymore
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
there is no coincidence ...
they peek
universe poke


it is interesting Him will choose Green console
and suprisingly
Green Console version One
has 47 MByte local SRAM

those 47 keep poke him

[link to cdn.arstechnica.net]
 Quoting: the path

 Quoting: the path

Nop no poke in this No Clap From The Clapper lol

But this one ....the Mainframe Green Screen - IBM MAINFRAME

Starting in 1972 the original 3270 terminals were the primary way to access the mainframe. The 3270 terminal was a CRT with black background and green characters -- hence the term "green screen". The terminal displayed whatever was sent from the mainframe, fields could be typed into, some fields would not allow typing into them, and only when an attention key (such as enter, clear, or a function key) was hit would the data on the screen be sent to the mainframe to be processed.

There is more sync to this but synchronistic results in running into more underlying Mechanism roadblocks...!

So I will Leave that to this.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77644916

will comment it later hf
 Quoting: the path

Yes, Herr Director.

If anyone knows about the Bezerk Thread how it was created and directed they will see The Path doing the same thing to control the narrative.

Acolyte was Chris de Beer.(now dead) His nephew was an experienced and qualified Physiologist with qualifications in NLP. They knew how to get people to think something was real.

People were encouraged to find "White Dove" intel released in the general media. Aco would them Yea or Nay it just like The Path does.

That made him the controller of the narrative until someone made up a better story which got people to follow the new narrative.

By getting people to contribute to The Narrative and accepting their additions those people accepted the narrative as real when it was clearly not. By having a few big names and popular people say it was real in their opinion many were fooled.

The Path uses the same psyhclogical techniques of Mind Control to direct the narrative. If he approves your contribution you will accept what he says as real and the rest of what he approves as real.

Back in the day you got paid to make long running popular threads on forums because they drew new people in and keep people on site. Perhaps nothing has changed, except the names "Operators" use.

The biggest problem those who have been played have is accepting it. People's ego's often won't allow to the accept they were wrong and they will be even more under his control once challenged like this because their Ego will not let the accept they were incorrect or fooled.

Mind Control Operations and Experiments center on getting people to believe things they would not normally or accept ideas of narratives they would not normally buy into or accept.

If Mr N or Mr A was real the first thing he would do is kick The Path and his buddy's asses.
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