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Message Subject he isnt hiding anymore
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Funny how some want to paint me a revolutionary guy when this fabled Mr N is said to be exactly that and will provide exactly that. They love him don't they?

All I am pointing out is we live under slavery by deception. That is simply not fair and their is a better way of life for us than being exploited by the Rulers and their Families.

If you dwell under Laws and taxes you are not free by any stretch of the imagination, but because we have been raised in societies which have been subject to this ordeal for so long we think it is normal and don't know any different way.

When the people who make rules and enforce them are breaking them and simply denying you full knowledge of the system, laws and how they work they have left us an out, a big one which bring them down.

Freemasonry is the other pillar they use. A lower ranked Freemason must obey an higher ranked one. This was how the Corporations gutted NZ of it's state assets.

They simply ordered the PM (all NZ PMs have been Freemasons along with every head of Police ever in NZ and most of our Judges) to put NZ into debt building a large dam which provides lower that cost price electricity to Rio Tinto's Comalaco Aluminum Plant which could not exist with out it.

After 1987 NZ could not pat the debt on the loans NZ took out to pay for that dam and state assets had to be corporatised and sold off for rock bottom prices to Freemason investors.

Simple scam. Government contracts are given to Freemason owned corporations IN NZ ahead of any other tenders.

All Royal commissions if Inquiry in NZ have been presided over by a Freemason. They are all cover-ups of Freemason activities in general.

There can be no free western world while Freemasons are allowed any power whatsoever.

Those are the two pillars of power in the western world. The Oath of Obligation of a Master Mason are now exposed in many of the collected books families found after their granddad had died sort of thing, they can no longer be denied.

A Freemason must employ a fellow Freemason over a non Freemason if possible in job applications. This is illegal under their own laws and it is how they pack the top in every western nation to keep things under control.

In the USA all the top Brass in the Military are Freemasons. Same in NZ and the UK you will find. Giving themselves advantage over the rest of us. Hardly the equality for all they profess to follow is it?

If you want Freedom no Freemason can be allowed any position of public power anywhere in the western world.

If you want Freedom the System of Law must be exposed because it is unfair if everyone is not given full legal knowledge and knowledge they they do not have to follow or obey any government laws unless they are engaging in Registered Commerce.

All these people want Mr N to save the world and change things, this is how it is done.

If you don't want to lift a finger to change things for the better than that is your choice to be a coward. Even if you do nothing more than explain it on forums and social media, at least you did something.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78247203

What are the countries of the world that Masons did not create? What do you want to become free from? From electricity, from the head, from the Internet, from medicine, from the country, from what? Compliance with laws is also violence against oneself, all these rules, all this markup, all these procedures before take-off, etc. All this is also violence, which is called the law and rules, obligations, as in Masons.
 Quoting: Theuse

Your a fucking idiot and so are the masons God created everything and no group should have a monopoly on it.
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