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Huawei likely to replace Google’s Android with own mobile operating system this year


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08/05/2019 09:03 AM

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Huawei likely to replace Google’s Android with own mobile operating system this year
A new Huawei phone equipped with the Hongmeng operating system (OS), developed by the Chinese telecom giant to replace Google’s Android, could go on sale in 2019, according to Chinese state-linked outlet Global Times.

The world’s largest supplier of telecoms equipment is already testing the new homegrown OS on its mobile devices, the newspaper reported on Sunday. Huawei plans to target the low-end and medium-end segments of the smartphone market, setting the price tag for the new phone at around 2,000 yuan (roughly US$290).

“The new Huawei phones with the Hongmeng system will debut in the market in the fourth quarter, with up to several million units in stock,” a source told the Global Times. The report added that the new device is expected to be used in the company’s next flagship phones, the Mate 30 series.

[link to www.rt.com (secure)]

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