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Message Subject TRUMP just RED FLAGGED CUOMO!!!
Poster Handle ScoreZero
Post Content

We elected a troll. Yeah, it can be fun to watch the system burn, but it's all fun and games until everyone loses their constitutional rights.
 Quoting: Astroshill

Yeah, I guess it’s just trolling,

but agreed.

If we lose the 2nd, it is game over for the USA.
 Quoting: Seagull Lake

Our government has planes that can blow you into little chunks from 60 thousand feet that you cant hear.. you are just suddenly dead.

They have satellite imaging down to less than a square foot.

They have sound weapons that can stop your heart from ten miles away. or liguify your brain inside your skull.

Trust me everyone's right to have hand guns, hunting rifles and the occasional AR15 or AK47 are not something the elite worry about.
 Quoting: ScoreZero

You are very very wrong.

They are obsessed with worry about it.

And the evidence is so plain, there is no refutation for it.

The massive coordinated war on guns from Clinton to Bloomberg to the Media. Literally every Democrat (maybe Tulsi excepted) is saying they will curtail our rights.

Perhaps you should read more and formulate fewer opinions.
 Quoting: Seagull Lake

I guess that is what makes America great right? different opinions?
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