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Anonymous says:
October 3, 2013 at 3:28 pm
Here are a few more ideas for future post…

1. Anything about bus, mini bus and taxi drivers is always a welcome treat.

2. Public bus etiquette (you’ve done one on elevator etiquette which was gold).

3. Flat renovation. Why in the world do these dimwits use jackhammers to renovate their flats?

4. The uncouth officers walking around HK who have the audacity to give out $1,500 tickets. They’re revenue generating pathetic ass wipes who think they’re on a winning team because they have a government issued uniform.

5. The overseas Chinese who return to Hong Kong and think they’re the ‘Bee’s Knees’. Don’t think this area has been touched upon.

BTW – How about an entry dedicated to giving Hong Kong a new slogan. Saw this on another website and thought is was real funny. I’ve already written one somewhere else on this site, but here’s another…

Hong Kong…taking away your hope one day at a time!

bigpoo says:
October 3, 2013 at 10:20 pm
The only thing that grosses me out more than those pre-meal torture chambers is actually watching the meal being consumed. All that gob-smacking, drooling, tooth-picking, snorting, belching, laugh-with-your-mouth-full-and-wide-open table etiquette is a fitting end to our truly disgusting food production and consumption life-cycle here in Hong Kong. Some may argue the abominable state of Hong Kong’s toilets actually represents the end of the food-cycle however I disagree: it’s more of an aperitif because a great deal of food preparation actually takes place in Hong Kong’s toilets. Indeed, I believe this faucet, I mean facet, of the Hong Kong dining experience has been well documented in an earlier blog entry.

Anonymous says:
October 4, 2013 at 1:58 pm
If I might add to the above, how about doing one on the apologists on geoexpat board? Every slight complaint got bombarded – yes, bombarded – by apologists knocking over one another just to shoot their mouths off. To say pathetic is perhaps an understatement.

Don Quixote says:
October 4, 2013 at 5:43 pm
Indeed there is something fishy, and is not just the smell of the thousands of local prostitutes. What could be more disgusting that those half rotten,zombie fish like, pre rotten, appetite closer? Well to see the locals eating; that is perhaps the most daring, disgusting, lowest table manners amongst the lowest of the low. I may not even call it caveman lifestyle as I’m sure they had more respect for the life they where consuming that this human abnormalities. And even worse than that is to see one of them in a window job, I prefer the dammed fish if you ask me, than to see a fish head human like, bitter mid age Hong Kong woman; who you can see in her face had never got a fuck in their hollow and empty lives. Worse than a dying fish a window a mid age single bitch behind a service or government window. Hong Kong Sucks, by the way pollution today was beyond measuring. I hate this shit hole.
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