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Message Subject Hospice patient. Real Time. Real World. UPDATE: Noslot Gained His Wings Last Night. pg 11
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I'm graduating Hospice within the next week. My original diagnosis was wrong, but I was very weak and needed help to get back. Through much help, I was able to get enough strength back to function on my own. My new diagnosis isn't all that encouraging either, but I'm not dying. Time to get out.

Hospice is not just for the dying. It's for many different reasons from a slew of misfortunes. Injuries and diseases. About 20% of patients do graduate from Hospice.

Hope you do too.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77846190

That is wonderful news! You understand much and I'll bet we would have a great time over a cup of coffee pretending we have some really spiritual insight about life! LOLLLL I'm kidding with you of course.

Thanks for sharing and I have a question. Fella told me that living with a disease is the hard part. Dying was easy. I find living with the disease more distracting than my death. Do you?
 Quoting: Noslot

No one is ever truly ready. There is too much unpredictability through the course of whatever your problem may be. Given you are in Hospice, you have some serious issues. The medications help with the symptoms and emotional issues. Just remember you are in control. You'll go through your own ups and downs. We are all very different. I think I did okay for the most part, but I had my moments of outbursts. You are not alone and since you do have the ability to be functional, take advantage of it. Reach out and try to make some good sense out of life and find some peace. You seem to be in good spirits. You have a fighting soul. A cup of coffee would be great!
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