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Message Subject Hospice patient. Real Time. Real World. UPDATE: Noslot Gained His Wings Last Night. pg 11
Poster Handle rewind
Post Content
I am a in-home hospice patient and this is an experiment. I’m seeking a conversation with someone currently admitted into any kind of hospice program as we live out this journey.


The only thing I’m an expert about is my experience and frankly the same goes for everyone else.


I will use whatever power I have in my role as the benevolent dictator of this thread. There will be no arguments about God, medical politics, ethics or anything else that annoys me. This is the part of being a benevolent dictator that is appealing!

Before you Post

This thread isn’t about your Aunt Mary’s or Gramps experiences or to vent your opinions about hospice, death, dying, politics of dying, medical monsters or anything else. Its about your personal experience as a real time, real world, real person hospice patient. Having said this others are welcome to ask appropriate questions, but any answer I may provide is just my personal opinion based upon my experience. This is GLP and I know a certain chaos must prevail to keep the energy here alive.

 Quoting: Noslot

are you a patient or a care giver or a nurse? or family of ?
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