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"L. Fletcher Prouty Fearless Truth Teller, or Crackpot?" (JFK's Former Liasion & Author)

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08/17/2019 09:34 AM
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"L. Fletcher Prouty Fearless Truth Teller, or Crackpot?" (JFK's Former Liasion & Author)
One of the truly interesting individuals associated with the Kennedy assassination, the late L. Fletcher Prouty was an Air Force officer who served in the Pentagon. He was therefore an "insider" who supposedly knows the "real scoop" about the Cold War, Vietnam, covert operations, and the Kennedy assassination. But did he really? Or was he a story teller whose stories don't survive scrutiny?

Prouty was in New Zealand when Kennedy was shot, and believed that the Christchurch Star reported on Oswald's background far too quickly. It smelled to him like a CIA-planted cover story.

More Proutyisms

Prouty seems drawn to the wildest interpretations of about any issue you can think of.
The Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site, run by Len Osanic, contains several more examples of Proutyisms.

For example:

Oil isn't really a fossil fuel. That's just something the "Oil Barons" want us to think.

Franklin Roosevelt didn't die a natural death — Churchill had him poisoned!

And don't miss Prouty's view on UFOs.
There was a nuclear accident at "Windscales" [sic] in the 1950s that the British government supposedly covered up. Not only did Prouty get the name of the nuclear plant wrong, he mangled other key facts too.

From the Prouty CD offered for sale at The Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site:

Gary Powers' U-2 spy plane was not shot down by the Soviets. It just landed!

From the web:

Prouty "would not be surprised" if the Secret Team killed Princess Diana! This message from Prouty was formerly on the "We The People" website.

Although not a member, Prouty has been a supporter of the cult religion of Scientology, and its founder L. Ron Hubbard.

From the web site of the Scientology magazine Freedom, read what Prouty has to say about the mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana. He doesn't believe it was a suicide. Rather some "odd" events surrounding the incident "are the kinds of earmarks that define the hand of American intelligence."

The nefarious forces of the Federal Reserve Bank killed Kennedy because he was moving against them.

In Dealey Plaza, the conspirators had a man with an umbrella shooting a poison dart at JFK.


There's a LOT more!

[link to mcadams.posc.mu.edu]

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08/17/2019 09:34 AM
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Re: "L. Fletcher Prouty Fearless Truth Teller, or Crackpot?" (JFK's Former Liasion & Author)
Proutyisms are Endless

"The Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Collection" is a photocopied volume of reprints from Prevailing Winds Press. It can be bought from The Last Hurrah bookshop. The volume contains yet more Proutyisms.

Prouty says Oswald could be tried, even though he is dead.
In an interview with Gallery, apparently from the early or mid-1970s, he is asked when the Secret Team first began to run things. He says they "manipulate government policy and have probably done so since 1959 or 1960." (In his book JFK, The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy, Prouty has the "High Cabel" planning the Korean and Vietnam wars at the end of World War II.)

He recounts a supposed episode in World War II in which Gurka soldiers, fighting for the British, slipped into a German camp and slit the throats of every other German while they were asleep. This, according to Prouty, was to intimidate the remainder of the Germans, and was effective, as the next day the Germans broke camp and ran away.
He says the U.S. lost 970 F-4 Phantom aircraft over Hanoi during the Vietnam War.

In the same Gallery interview, he says it's wrong to build any F-16 fighters, since the Mig-25 Foxbat can fly at 2,200 miles per hour. To quote him: "If they can do 2,200 miles an hour, we have not got the right to pay for the production of any fighter in this country that can't do 2,201 miles an hour or better. We're wasting billions of dollars on crud." (Reality: The F-16 badly outclasses every Soviet-made fighter it has ever faced, and has a 71-0 score in air-to-air combat. Source: Lockeed Martin)

And the most "interesting" claim of all: That Korean airlines flight 007 was downed by "an explosive device" planted aboard by the CIA. Given that the Soviet government admitted to shooting down the plane, this one counts as especially bizarre.