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Are you a crazy denier of conspiracies?

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08/17/2019 11:24 AM
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Are you a crazy denier of conspiracies?
Approximately one person in a thousand is convicted of some criminal conspiracy (i.e., two or more people planned a crime) every year by the criminal justice system. There are far more noncriminal conspiracies, which may be unethical nonetheless. It is not unusual for people to conspire against another group or a lone victim.

If you do the math, the government advances without rigorous proof, by default, tens of thousands of conspiracy theories against its citizens every year in a big country. For example, in some countries, if a wife refuses to testify against her criminal husband, then the prosecutors will pin a conspiracy charge on her without any proof, and she will go to prison. By contrast, you are not allowed to assume that there is even a single conspiracy in the government against the population, because if you do (God forbid!), then you are a fringe lunatic, not a “normal person.”

If you look into how counterintelligence services operate, you will realize that these people are SUPERparanoid. Why are these seemingly insane people not locked up in a mental institution? Because it is you who is crazy, not them! From birth, you have been led to believe the bizarre notion that there are no conspiracies and you should blindly trust your government. You are a conspiracy denier, pardon the language. Counterintelligence agents are realists. In the real world, national security is impossible if you are not superparanoid.

Other governments do not trust your government, and your government is extremely suspicious of all the activities and pronouncements of other governments. It does not believe anything foreign news agencies are saying, and its intelligence services check and double check for themselves what really happened.

The government and mass media are constantly making you believe that only lunatics assume that a conspiracy might be involved in some event. Conspiratorial thinking is forbidden for ordinary citizens because it is a thought crime and a mental disorder according to propagandists.

They also constantly try to convince you that the government cannot keep its secrets, that nothing can stay secret for long, a conspiracy involving thousands of people is impossible (nonsense because only a few people at the top are conspiring), that mass media are independent from the government, and if you do not believe the government or mass media, then you are a weirdo or a dangerous radical. All these mind control tricks are designed to make you instantly believe everything that the government and mass media are saying without giving it a second thought.

In actuality, nobody loves conspiracy theories more than the government and mass media do. It is totally OK for them to accuse a hostile state of conspiracies without proof, and you will be called a kooky conspiracy theorist if you do not believe the government’s official conspiracy theory. As mentioned above, governments make up millions of conspiracy theories against their own citizens in their criminal justice systems. The government assumes (realistically) that agents of a foreign state are secretly plotting to overthrow it or to start some subversive activities, and that agents of a foreign state have already infiltrated domestic intelligence agencies.

The government enjoys secrecy protected by the full power of the state and can engage in any criminal activities in the name of national security. Now ask yourself, is it likely that the government can conspire with corporations against the population? Is it likely that all mass media are wholly owned subsidiaries of intelligence agencies? Is it possible that the political system in your country is fake?

Realistically speaking, a conspiracy is the most logical explanation of many events in society and requires the fewest assumptions. Conversely, rejection of a conspiratorial version of events is often illogical.

You should be aware that many important “facts” about this world that you think you “know” are false because they have been repeated a million times by the government and mass media but never proven. The so-called mainstream view is not always correct. Propaganda provides a mixture of truths and lies to be believable. Therefore, when you vote in an election, make medical decisions for yourself and your family, choose to enlist in the military, and in countless other important situations, you are not expressing your own opinions. You are acting on the opinions that have been skillfully implanted in your head by government’s social engineers through mass media, the education system, and the entertainment industry. You are deceived and used by powers that be and act against your own interests most of the time. You are a profit-generating employee, cannon fodder, a profit-generating customer, a tax-payer, a human shield, a profit-generating patient, an unwitting test subject, a statistical unit, a selfless builder of profit-oriented social media, an unwitting advertising target to be tracked and profiled in most embarrassing detail, or all of the above. You have been brainwashed to serve the elite all your life.

Propagandists would have you believe that conspiracies are extremely rare and could happen only in the distant past only in other countries, or only at the bottom of your society as a rare exception. According to them, you should not try to explain any event by a big conspiracy because that’s “illogical.” Now you probably guessed correctly that there is nothing but conspiracy at the top.