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Subject Nazi Symbols in the US Military: “Accidental” Giant US Navy Swastika Building Was No Accident
Poster Handle vestigen
Post Content
This article was first published in September 2007.

“We knew what it [the building complex] was going to look like” – Architect John Mock

The story of the US Navy’s giant swastika-shaped barracks, built in the late 1960’s and located at the Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, just South of San Diego, has been all over the news. Rightly so – it’s the biggest government subsidized swastika display on Earth.

Below is a YouTube presentation – a simple silent slide show of clips taken of views, through Google Earth, that zoom in, from space, on the giant NAB swastika complex.

[link to www.globalresearch.ca (secure)]

I imagine quite a few, or many, have seen this at least.

Just google: buildings in shape of swastika.

You'll find more.
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