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Message Subject ATHEIST listen.
Poster Handle EBIYEH
Post Content
I am god and so are you, and all the atheists, too.They just refuse to believe the mind control lies of the bible or any other corrupted 'holy' book.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77942124

You are a 'god'? ..so.please tell.me what is the name of all.the nurses and doctors and mid wives and patience present at the hospital of.your birth? what is the first name of all your ancestors from after Adam and eve?
What is.the day that you will.return to.your original essence of being as a god? how many strands of hair is on your father's head and how many strands of hair is on your mother's head ...can you looses the band's on THE CONSTELLATION ORION'S waist can you travel to the constellation Sagittarius and back in 1 minute ? Can you literally walk on the surface of the sun? ..and many more ... ...pleaae my dear stop deceiving yourself....GOD THE FATHER IS THE ONLY true GOD and besides him there is non other...just him ...

John 10;30
Jesus Christ said i and my father are one.
 Quoting: EBIYEH

Your belief system is rooted and stuck in the bronze age, your concept of god is about eternal punishment and party tricks.You don't even begin to understand the nature of your own existence.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77942124

I sincerely say this with love ...if you call walking on the surface of the sun and traveling through all.the constellations and back in 2minutes party tricks then it's you who have been unable to grasp the nature of your own existence....if you call stoping the sun from shining and covering it as with cloth with so it's gives no light party trick then you don't understand the nature of your existence ...repent from your unbelief....follow Jesus Christ and live...
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