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Message Subject Mars - Images
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Full "Bearded Guy" - All-In-One Post -

Nuclear WAR...! - Evidence On Mars...

The the article points to-

An unusual level of Radio-Active Isotopes in the atmosphere of Mars...

Areas of the surface indicating Plasma Effects...

"a pair of large and anomalous nuclear events, centered apparently near Cydonia and also near Galaxias, and leaving no craters"

‘They point to accounts like this in Genesis, ‘the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven’. Fragments of melted glass in the deserts of Libya are also thought to be evidence of nuclear warfare or accidents 28million years ago. They also think that the legendary civilization of Atlantis was destroyed by atomic warfare.
Article - One of many -
[link to metro.co.uk (secure)]

Here - Is a piece of evidence for Nuclear Genocide...

Note: Radio-Active Poisons associated with Nuclear Detonations are known to produce a variety of burns, and lesions in its victims.

Here is a Nuke Victim, on Mars, with Boils, Burns, Lesions, on his face:

Warning: (Don't Look - It's a DEAD BODY)

[link to www.mupload.nl (secure)] - Original Image

[link to www.mupload.nl (secure)] - Area Of Interest -

Possible Nuke Victim - Cut - Red Outline -

[link to www.mupload.nl (secure)]

Examining the Image:

[link to www.mupload.nl (secure)] - Rotated - Enlarged - Contrasted

Here you can see a large Boil, or Lesion on his face -

[link to www.mupload.nl (secure)] - Enlarged - B/W - Contrasted

Playing with color and contrast to bring-out more detail-

[link to www.mupload.nl (secure)]

Using several contrast enhancements and a blurring the image produces this -

[link to www.mupload.nl (secure)]

Finally - Examining the Lesions On His Face -

[link to www.mupload.nl (secure)]

IMO- It was >>> Kingdom Of God <<<
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