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NI called Kalashnikov machine gun the best in the world

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Russian Federation
08/26/2019 03:51 AM
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NI called Kalashnikov machine gun the best in the world
[link to nationalinterest.org (secure)]

National Interest magazine experts ranked the best portable machine guns in the world.
The first place went to the Kalashnikov machine gun (PKM). It is followed by the Belgian machine gun FN MAG 58, and the German MG3 closes the top three. The rating also included the South African Vektor SS-77 and the Israeli IMI Negev 5.56.
According to the publication, the Kalashnikov machine gun is lightweight (approximately 7.5 kilograms), while being reliable and durable. These characteristics make it one of the most dangerous weapons in the world.
This is not the first National Interest article on RMB. Previously, it was written in it that although the most famous Kalashnikov’s creation was an automatic machine gun, the machine gun was “the best that he created.”
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