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Message Subject What's going here GLP? There's a theory that Steve Jobs is alive and it's not plastered all over here?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What's sad is back in the day, this thread would have lit up.

Nowadays, meh, it's not a Trump post, so it'll just get buried.
 Quoting: Darmok

No, it's that even the most vapid GLP'ers won't try to turn a single picture into a major conpsiracy theory. But -of course- they're not YOU.
 Quoting: GSB/LTD


SURE, this is what this site thrives on buddy.
 Quoting: Darmok

Not originally, "Buddy"! I've been around here since 1999 and back then we were TRUTH-SEEKERS and not kharma-whores.... or kids who believed everything that popped up on their precious little smart phones.
 Quoting: GSB/LTD

Sure, and now, you're reduced to insignificant trolling on threads. I'm most likely older than you, kid!
And I can spell karma.

Troll elsewhere please.

Oh and karma points. LOL, someone like you would care about that.
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