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Message Subject What's going here GLP? There's a theory that Steve Jobs is alive and it's not plastered all over here?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What's sad is back in the day, this thread would have lit up.

Nowadays, meh, it's not a Trump post, so it'll just get buried.
 Quoting: Darmok

No, the problem is that it's bullshit and nobody cares. why didn't you just post it without criticizing GLP(the people)?
 Quoting: Pilgrim001

Where's the critic?!?
So we can't ask a fucking question anymore without libtards or Trumptards going full panties in a fucking bunch?

This site, THRIVED on this kind of shit but for the last 2 years it's just Trump or Libtards.

Where was the fucking panic 2 weeks ago when the op posted the pic of Epstein's body saying it wasn't him?

It's a fucking post, of something quacky, on GLP, which made GLP (what is used to be), nevertheless, some, I suspect a lot of GLPers still have interest in.
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