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Message Subject Updated: See video (see page 2) of Lawyer commenting on: Flynn Hearing Reveals Existence of Bombshell DOJ Memo Exonerating Michael Flynn
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
hes not charged with colluding

he's charged with lying to federal agents

just pointing that out
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward

who failed to inform Flynn he was under oath or read him any rights prior to an official interview as the miscommunication occurred under the pretense of a social event.

so he was well within his rights to lie or make up any story he wanted they could've included in their exoneration memo after they actually investigated his statements and found he was not in jeopardy.

Flynn's miscommunication never occurred under oath as he was never officially questioned. But we all know his real crime was selling Obama's secrets of running guns for ISIS.

That's what corrupt DOJ were really trying to nail him for but it looks like he's gonna walk imo.
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