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Message Subject Updated: See video (see page 2) of Lawyer commenting on: Flynn Hearing Reveals Existence of Bombshell DOJ Memo Exonerating Michael Flynn
Poster Handle CSnow
Post Content
There's a reason someone like Hillary or Bill can fly around the world and collect money from foreigners because military generals and former military generals like Flynn are subjected to harsher restrictions and laws; and more severe punishments for doing the same god damn thing Hillary and Bill did every day of their rotten ass lives.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77953998

That reminds me of Flynn being described as a registered Democrat. He therefore probably leaned left in certain ways, but he also wasn't a flamer. He also wasn't a rock-hard conservative either.

His agreeing to work for Trump was probably similar to Trump's former Chief of Staff, the guy who said a few months ago he'd have worked for Hillary if she asked him.

It's interesting that people associated with Flynn's party and closer to his side of the political spectrum did a slimeball number on him and sabotaged his finances and legal standing.

The GOP has versions of that in the form of John McCains and Paul Ryans. But such skeezy bullshitters are worse on the left than on the right.

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