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Message Subject US won’t ‘automatically’ play defender role for Europe anymore – Merkel
Poster Handle Dame
Post Content
Europe and the US have been sharing common values for decades, but the former shouldn’t count on American military assistance any longer and should look towards other power centers, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has argued.

It is 30 years since the end of the Cold War revealed “a new narrative of global power distribution,” Merkel told lawmakers in Berlin. “There is a military and economic superpower, the USA,” which Europe has been tied up with “through a system of values,” she said.

Despite all the differences, “there is still the commonality between us,” the chancellor admitted, but warned against setting one’s hopes too high when it comes to the future of US-Europe ties.

[link to www.rt.com (secure)]

She wants her own European army anyway.
 Quoting: keybored

Not just for having an EU army, it mean diminishing reliance on American equipment and weapons systems and greater use of European made kit,which obviously the US wouldn't want.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76273531

Which we paid for
Germany has cheated US taxpayers long enough
 Quoting: Dame

Huh, we've had to buy it from you and not at 'mates rates' either , unlike Saudi Arabia.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76273531

Geez, does anyone here understand NATO?

NATO's defense spending guidelines call for allies to dedicate at least 2 percent of their rGDPs to military matters. Germany, along with all but five of NATO's 28-member states, has long fallen far short of the 2 percent target.. This leaves America picking up tab

Does anyone in this thread understand your own country? America taxpayers have been left with your military debt
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