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Information on illness for a good friend

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User ID: 76847632
United States
09/11/2019 07:38 AM
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Information on illness for a good friend
Hi .. I am posting this query for a wonderful friend who is suffering terribly with illness and I see so many people posting usefull information here. I wanted to see if anyone could possibly help my friend out.

Young woman suddenly ill within the last year has developed fibromyalgia IBS Dysautonomia ,, has gained a tremendous amount of weight this is a person who is tiny and Always until the onset of this had her weight under close to perfect control

Exercised roller bladed walked, ran ..sang,, worked a very busy job etc .. until she began feeling very ill and so far has been diagnosed with the diseases state above .

Sadly now for her she cannot work any longer and is living with a very caring friend who takes care of her and gives her a place to stay and simply survive at this point

I came here because I often find so much information that is useful for me as well as others .. I am reaching out because My friend is extremely depressed and practically bed ridden

she gets up to Walk her dogs but is exhausted easily which is no doubt the weight and this is the Only time in her life she has been dealing with weight issues ... She is trying very hard to deal with the Doctors and is pleased to have gotten some answers but over all there seems to be very have limited knowledge regarding what she is going though . She also has no health insurance and has run through her savings.

I thank you so very much for any information you might be able to share with me for her .. she has always been like a daughter to me since shes young ..and sadly her family cares nothing for her .. except for her One friend helping her on a daily basis .. She is alone with this, I live states away from her but I love her as my own have known her for a very long time
... Love and light to everyone here .. and again Thank you Chicolina
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 77801297
09/11/2019 07:43 AM
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Re: Information on illness for a good friend
Standard treatment here in Europe is with the cortizone variant 'Prednisolone'. Doses vary according to the person, but it can have very rapid results.

Obviously being a steroid it needs close supervision and management, but the results it can produce might be worth the risk to your friend. Get her to see her doc.