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Subject WTC 7 is still the key to the 911 fairy tale -- 911 was an inside job!
Poster Handle jj johns
Post Content
wtc 7 is the key to decoding the 911 false flag extravaganza. it is the main thing i focus on when people ask me about it. i have some history with new york city...

they fucked up... wtc7 was probably supposed to be hit by the flight that likely got shot down in pennsylvania. woops.
if it weren't for wtc 7, a 47 story structure coming down at free fall speed into its own footprint, the 911 fairy tale may never have been exposed.

still though, the msm has managed to keep things in control for 18 years, despite the fact that larry "pull it" silverstein spilled the beans and getting paid double on the insurance (double indemnity) because of terrorism on a building complex that had horrible asbestos problems that would have costed millions to rectify.

not to forget, the sec offices having all the enron evidence there in wtc7, and now lost forever.

and the all the gold that disappeared...

and the molten lava under ground zero that smoldered for months despite the fact fire could never reach those temps.

bbc and fox announcing live that wtc7 collapsed before it actually did.

and on and on... multiple reports of bombs in the building exploding...

of course, there are tons of things that don't add up and all point to a false flag, but wtc7 is the key. never before has a steel structure feel due to fire. and, the fire and the structural damage that may have occurred would never make a building freefall into its own footprint.

this is the event that woke me up. and actually, the fat man was a part of this. but i will never forget when i came to the realization that this was a self inflicted disaster. i felt nauseous and disgust.

never forget... that 911 was an inside job

EDIT: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was also a great patriot through all of this: father of Reaganomics and former editor of the wall street journal: [link to www.paulcraigroberts.org (secure)]

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