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Message Subject WTC 7 is still the key to the 911 fairy tale -- 911 was an inside job!
Poster Handle bcjams
Post Content
bbc and fox announcing live that wtc7 collapsed before it actually did.

i heard that and wondered how in all the chaos they managed to rig the building for implosion ...i knew then it was the muslims but they were working with people in our own govt. ....the plan to rule the world with islam has never changed but 9/11 was a big day...from there we attacked the ME and spread the muslims into europe and the us.and decades from now we will be muslim by birthrate and terror...unless we remove them by force now...not kill..remove peacfully...while we still can....met a person from idaho...a few friends of hers are ex muslim teenagers and young adults who escaped islam because the mosques in idaho are planning the war on america...they decided to leave but the majority are there waiting an planning for their attack.
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